You may attend Hanover Valley and find the worship inspiring and the teaching challenging, but you may still find yourself feeling unsatisfied. Christ never intended for Sunday morning to be the only thing. His Gospel has a profound effect on us. It not only transforms us personally, but it also transforms and creates a new community, or family of believers, that love and serve one another. Growth group is the place where we learn to be the new community of God. We meet together regularly to share our lives, investigate Christ, pray and reach out to each other and to Hanover.

What Is A Growth Group?

They are primarily Christian communities, the first place Christians turn to for applying the gospel to their lives. Each growth group is made up of 6 to 12 people meeting in homes throughout the week and are led by lay-leaders from the congregation who receive ongoing training and support.

Why Are They Valuable?

We need others to help us apply the truth about the Gospel to our daily lives. The implications of our life with Christ are so broad that we rarely understand them ourselves. Growth groups provide a safe place to wrestle with the Scriptures, to pray, to care and encourage each other and to exercise our gifts in serving each other, the church and the community.

What Should I expect?

A warm and welcoming environment of fellow investigators of Christ who study the Bible, pray, have fun, share the joys and struggles of life and who serve each other, the church and the Hanover community.

How Do I Get Involved?

There are several growth groups that meet during the week throughout the Hanover area. Contact the church office by calling (717) 630-9510 or one of these growth group leaders to discuss getting involved. Every group is always open to those not yet involved.

Growth Groups

  • Bob Anderson /// 637-7788 /// Mondays /// 7:00pm
  • Colby Brewer /// 965-4252 /// Sundays (6 Weeks) /// 5:00pm
  • John Gay /// 891-5925 /// 1st and 3rd Wednesdays /// 7:00pm
  • Jimmy Lynn /// 637-1836 /// 2nd and 4th Wednesdays /// 7:00pm
  • Mark Smith /// 512-7222 /// 2nd Friday and 4th Sunday /// 12:00pm

Adult Workshops

The purpose of adult education is to augment the primary ministry of Growth Groups by training adults for effective ministry in the church, community and family. Adult education will use the unique teaching gifts of individuals in the church to address three foundational areas of the Christian life: the heart (discipleship), the hands (service), and the head (doctrine). We have two tracks within adult education.

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