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Breakaway 2023
February 17-19th
"Can these bones live?" - Ezekiel 37:1

This year we will be returning to Blue Mountain Christian Retreat Center with the other youth groups in our presbytery to enjoy a weekend of fun and spiritual growth. This year's theme is "Can These Bones Live?" which comes from Ezekiel 37. See below for all the important details and the registration & release forms!

2022 Recap

General Information

Packing & Cost

What to bring:

Warm clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, gloves/hat/boots, water bottle, Bible, pen, snacks! Money for food on the way back and for any snacks at the camp.

What NOT to bring:

Any electronics, including cell phones. If you must make a call on the retreat you can use a youth leader’s phone.

Total cost: $190 (+$10 for t-shirt)

Payment can be made via cash or check at youth group on Sunday evenings.

Cash should be in an envelope marked "Breakaway" with the students name on it.

Check's should be made out to "Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church" with "Breakaway" in the memo line.

You can now pay online by following the link at the bottom of the page! Please consider covering the 2.75% processing fee so the church does not have to incur that additional expense.

DO NOT bring money the night we leave for the retreat.

Scholarships are available! We never want money to be a barrier to student involvement. If you are in need of financial assistance please contact Noah Trask

Why Breakaway?

Breakaway is the annual winter retreat of the Susquehanna Valley Presbytery. Breakaway exists to point students to Jesus Christ in everything we do. We look forward to a break from the normal routine of everyday life and an extended time away to reflect Christ as He is revealed to us in the Word of God.

This year our theme for Breakaway is “Can These Bones Live?”  We live in a world where there are so many that appear to be alive, even in the church, and yet they are dead and in need of a heart change that can only be done by the Holy Spirit.  At Breakaway we want to challenge our students to live as people who have been made alive in Christ.  Breakaway also provides plenty of opportunities to make new friends as well as strengthen current friendships. There’s also plenty of good food, fun, and laughter. It all makes for a great weekend that you won’t want to miss!

Departure & Return

Depart from HVPC

   Friday, Feb 17 at 5:30pm

   *eat dinner before arriving

Return to HVPC

   Sunday, Feb 19 by 10:00pm

 Parents will recieve updates on our return ETA

Contact info while we’re gone:

Phone Numbers:

Noah Trask

  cell: (717) 634-6284

Blue Mountain Christian Retreat
  phone: (570) 386-2154

About the camp:

This is our fifth year at Blue Mountain Christian Retreat in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. It is a very nice camp with a huge (sound-friendly) room for the whole group to meet in, several large rooms which are great for breakouts, nice cabins for us to stay in, a gym, and a big cafeteria with tasty food. We hope you can join us this year!



Formerly a public school teacher in the School District of Philadelphia and a Social Worker in North Philadelphia, Timothy Brindle sensed the call to gospel ministry and completed the Masters of Divinity program at Westminster Theological Seminary in May 2016, and the Master of Theology program in Old Testament in May 2020. He is currently in the PhD program in Old Testament, while serving full-time as the Senior Advancement Officer at Westminster.


In their 16 years of marriage, Timothy and his wife Floriana have been blessed with 9 children, including 1 who has gone ahead to glory. Timothy Brindle is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church of America and serves as Assistant Pastor at Olive Street Presbyterian Church.
Timothy is also an accomplished
hip-hop artist and will be performing for us on Saturday evening.

Breakaway 2023
Registration Form
Registration due January 22nd


Total cost: $190 (+$10 for t-shirt)
Payment can be made via cash or check at youth group on Sunday evenings.
Cash should be in an envelope marked "Breakaway" with the students name on it.
Check's should be made out to "Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church" with "Breakaway" in the memo line.

DO NOT bring money the night we leave for the retreat.


Thanks for registering for Breakaway. See you there!

Breakaway 2023
Retreat Consent
Release Form

Retreat Consent Form





to attend the Breakaway Retreat at Blue Mountain Christian Retreat and Blue Mountain Ski Resort on February 17 to 19, 2023.  In the event of an emergency, said parent or guardian understands that all will be done to contact him/her, However, if the parent/guardian cannot be reached, permission is granted to the physician selected by the youth leader to hospitalize and/or secure proper treatment for, and to order such injections, anesthesia, or surgery as may be deemed necessary for the child’s welfare and protection.

The undersigned parent/guardian fourth acknowledges that his/her child may be photographed or captured on video as a participant on the 2023 Breakaway Retreat and grant full permission to participating churches of the retreat to use photographs or videos in print, electronic, or public form.

Retreat Release Form

The undersigned participant, and participant’s guardian if participant is under eighteen (18) years of age on the date hereinafter indicated, does hereby release and discharge Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church, it’s agents, youth leaders, employees, volunteers, and representatives, from any and all liability in connection with any activities carried on during its 2023 Breakaway Retreat, February 17 -19, including but not limited to claims made in connection with the use of transportation vehicles, facilities, buildings, land, fixtures, rock climbing, basketball, challenge course elements, ice and snow sports, work activities, and various field games and any other activities of any nature whatsoever conducted during its 2023 Breakaway Retreat.

The undersigned hereby acknowledge that they have assumed all risk, known or unknown, in connection with transportation to and from and participation in the 2023 Breakaway Retreat.

Thank you for signing all necessary forms for Breakaway. See you there!

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