Hanover Valley Sunday Service Livestream - April 5th

Dear friends,

I hope you are all well and safe. It's been a very full week of change, to which I'm sure everyone is adjusting. The pandemic crisis continues to rage in our community and world. New guidelines have been developed. Schools have begun the complicated process of providing distance learning. Our local area is now on a "stay at home" order. So much change, confusion and uncertainty. It's a lot to navigate and full of many complexities of heart, mind and spirit. Our current climate of things creates an atmosphere that influences and effects our thinking and feeling clearly. Not to mention, being in such close proximity to the people who know us best. All this is such a breeding ground for many troubling and conflicting moments internally and in relationships. The stress whispers untruths and uneasy thoughts to us and can alter the way we hear the people around us, the way we see ourselves and the way we understand our circumstances. It's with that in mind that I've included an extra attachment to this weeks email. It's an excerpt from an article produced by the Gottman Institute on relationships. Hope you find it helpful.


Let me start with some info about our public services. The session and I have been keeping abreast of all the most recent guidelines from our community, school system and medical experts. We continue to discuss the best ways to be of help and support during this unusual time. In light of the current strain of things, it seems wise to us to extend cancelling our public services and events throughout the month of April, in partnership with our state and local leadership. This is sad, of course, on the one hand. We love to gather and see one another and to love our neighbors. On the other hand, the most loving thing we can do for our community right now is to prevent this virus from spreading so violently. So, we stay at home and love from afar and connect through the media we are grateful to have. All of our services being cancelled during April will be live streamed. That includes Easter Sunday (April 12th at 10 am) and Good Friday service on (April 10th at 7 pm). Growth Groups are not meeting publically or face to face but some are checking in and "meeting" over Zoom or Facetime. I encourage you to get involved if you wish and if you are in a group doing Zoom please consider sending a link to a few new folks who might like a little contact in these lonely days. 

Live Streaming  

If you joined in on the live stream this past Sunday at 10 am you noticed that we had technical difficulties. We're sorry of course. Things were ready to go and working great until they weren't. Eek. We were able to shift our live stream over to another platform (facebook live) but some didn't know where we went and others didn't know how to get there. Glitches like this are normal but we're doing our best to minimize them. We appreciate your patience in this area we are still growing in. We believe we have worked out the kinks for this week and we are back to our original platform at our YouTube channel. The link is below and after clicking it at the live stream time, you will just have to click on the file with the current date of the live stream. See us Sundays at 10 am. And don't forget about the live stream on Good Friday at 7 PM for our candlelight tenebrae service. Please feel free to share or post this link on social media or to family and friends you think might find it helpful. There are many who are desiring to explore spiritual things and the love of Christ during this season of Easter and especially throughout the pandemic. 

Link for Live Stream:


Download Bulletin Here


I've included another music file from a talented musician I actually know. She is gifted and creative and I hope you find this as inspiring as I do. Nothing speaks like music. 


Noah and the session and I love you all. We are reaching out to everyone where we are able each week. If you need anything, if your fears and anxiety rise, if you desire some contact, if you have some concerns for prayer or good news to share please do not hesitate to contact us or each other. We are praying that the Lord who knows all that is uncertain to us and who guides the course of our days for his glory and our benefit, that he will give you peace and confidence and hope to enjoy and pass to others. 



Hanover Valley Bulletin


"As we arrive at Jerusalem with Jesus [on Palm Sunday], the question presses upon us. Are we going along for the trip in the hope that Jesus will fulfill some of our hopes and desires? Are we ready to sing a psalm of praise, but only as long as Jesus seems to be doing what we want? The long and dusty pilgrim way of our lives gives most of us plenty of time to sort out our motives for following Jesus in the first place. Are we ready not only to spread our cloaks on the road in front of him, to do the showy and flamboyant thing, but also to follow him into trou- ble, controversy, trial and death? " — Tom Wright, Luke for Everyone

Call to Worship

Gathering Song

You’re the Lion of Judah You’re the Lion of Judah, the Lamb who was slain,

You ascended to heaven and evermore will reign.

At the end of the age when the earth

You reclaim

You will gather the nations before you.

And the eyes of all men will be fixed

On the Lamb who was crucified,

With wisdom and mercy and justice

You’ll reign at Your Father’s side.

Chorus: And the angels will cry “Hail the Lamb

Who was slain for the world, rule in pow’r.” And the earth will reply, “You shall reign As the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.”

There’a a shield in our hand and a sword at our side;

There’s a fire in our spirits that cannot be denied,

‘Cause the Father has told us, for these You have died,

For the nations who gather before You.

And the ears of all men need to hear Of the Lamb who was crucified, Who descended to hell, yet was raised up

To reign at His Father’s side.

Chorus (repeat)

Corporate Prayer of Confession

O Lord Jesus Christ, who on this day entered the rebellious city which later rejected you: We confess that our wills are as rebellious as those of the people of Jerusalem, that our faith is often more show than substance, that our hearts are in need of cleansing. Have mercy on us, Son of David, Savior of our lives. Help us to lay at your feet all that we have and all that we are, trusting you to forgive what is sinful, to heal what is broken, to wel- come our praises, and to receive us as your own through the work of Christ alone. Amen

Private Confession

Words of Encouragement

Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits - who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion. - Psalm 103: 2-4

Announcements & Prayers of the People

Offering & Special Music

Scripture - Luke 19: 28-44

Sermon - A Weeping King

Song of Reflection

Mercies Anew Ev’ry morning that breaks there are mercies anew. Ev’ry breath that I take is your faithfulness proved, And at the end of each day, when my labors are through, I will sing of your mercies anew.

When I’ve fallen and strayed there were mercies anew.

For you sought me in love and my heart you pursued.

In the face of my sin, Lord, you never withdrew. I will sing of your mercies anew.

Bridge: And your mercies they will never end; For ten thousand years they remain. And when this world’s beauty has passed away, Your mercies will be unchanged. And when the storms swirl and rage, there are mercies anew. In affliction and pain, you will

carry me through. And at the end of my days when your throne fills my view, I will sing of your mercies anew. I will sing of your mercies anew


Parting Song of Praise

Mercies Anew (Reprise) And when the storms swirl and rage, there are mercies anew. In affliction and pain, you will carry me through. And at the end of my days when your throne fills my view, I will sing of your mercies anew. I will sing of your mercies anew


Virus Response Update

Please visit our website hanovervalley.org to stay up to date on church cancellations and updates. We want you to stay connected with one another through various media for encouragement and prayer. Pastor Drew will be sending weekly emails on Thursdays with the latest information. Please be sure to send your email address to office@hanovervalley.org if you wish to be included.

Youth Group

Our regularly scheduled youth group activities are cancelled for April but please contact Noah Trask at to find out about virtual meetings!

Sunday Morning Operations

We’re looking for folks to join us! We’re looking for openers, clos- ers, greeters, communion servers, snack makers and more. Sunday Morning Operations is all about making everyone who walks through our doors feel welcome and cared for. Talk to Ema Hegberg for more details: emahegberg@icloud.com, 717.668.1703

Good Friday Service

We will be livestreaming on Friday, April 10th at 7:00 pm to celebrate a Service of Tenebrae, which is an ancient tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Tenebrae is a Latin word for “Darkness” or “Shadows.” During the service we will share the Lord’s Supper and follow the dark road that Christ walked, while meditating, through scripture and song, upon the events of the death of our Savior, helping us to prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter.

Easter Sunday

We will be cancelling our Easter breakfast but please join us as we livestream at 10:00 a.m. for our Easter Service to celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

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