Hanover Valley Sunday Service Livestream - July 26th

Dear Friends,

I was talking with one of the elders recently who commented that he thinks the pandemic and the effects it's had on our ability to worship weekly in the church building has actually helped to expose a central element of worship and an opportunity to grow. When life was operating at the old normal, we worshipped weekly in a building and with many others together, In that setting, it's tempting for worship to be more about the social aspects or about the place or trappings. Without those things. worship, enjoyment and exploration of Christ returns to its essence... a personal encounter with Christ himself, spiritually and intellectually. Jesus even touched on this when he spoke to the woman at the well. She was suggesting that worship depended on where you did it and Jesus responds that those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth, in the heart and mind. In that context all of life becomes worship and we can encounter him and find hope in him and enjoy him and praise him anywhere and anytime. This aspect of worship and the solitude it evokes can be very unsettling at first but leads to richer discoveries of grace, of ourselves and of the love of a savior, who desires to meet us there.

Live Stream Worship The session and I continue to keep a close eye on any changes in the health and safety guidelines. As of today, there are no changes that affect the processes we are currently following.  We continue to offer the weekly livestream worship service at 10am on Sundays. The link to join in is here: https://m.youtube.com/user/HanoverValley We hope that it is an encouragement and a chance to explore the person and grace of Christ in a practical and captivating way. Please feel free to share the link on social media and with others' in your life who may wish to check it out. We have discovered many in and around our area who have found the live stream and Hanover Valley for the first time through this link and by sharing it on social media.  In addition to engaging the livestream from your own home, we also offer two more options available during this pandemic crisis:  1. Small groups are available to meet in homes to worship together. If this option suits your situation best we encourage you to contact one of the growth group leaders or the church office to see if a group gathering is occurring and how you might best be prepared to be a part.  2. The church building will be available for anyone to be present while the live stream is being produced. This option will involve wearing masks during the service and being careful to space ourselves to prevent infection.  Day by day we are praying for everyone. Let us know your prayer concerns and encouragements. Show some love, show some love, show some love. Warmly, Drew Derreth



June 26th, 2020

Call to Worship

Gathering Songs

I Come By the Blood (Please Stand) You are the perfect and righteous God Whose presence bears no sin. You bid me come to Your holy place, How can I enter in when your presence bears no sin?

Through Him, who poured out His life for me, The atoning Lamb of God. Through Him, and His work alone I boldly come.

Chorus: I come by the blood, I come by the cross

Where Your mercy flows from hands pierced for me

For I dare not stand on my righteousness, My every hope rests in what Christ has done And I come by the blood.

You are the high and exalted King, The one whom angels fear So far above me in every way, Lord how can I draw near to the one whom angels fear?

Through Him, who laid down His life for me, And ascended to Your side. Through Him, through Jesus alone I boldly come. Chorus

Corporate Prayer of Confession Father, we recognize that you alone are worthy of our love and allegiance, but you know that our hearts are full of inordinate loves and longings, thoughts and desires. Have mercy upon us. Forgive us because of the perfect obedience of your Son, whose passion tames our passions, whose wounds heal our wounds and whose brokenness makes us whole. Subdue us in heart, mind and will for your purposes and restore to us the joy of your salvation. For only when you reign supreme within us will our hearts be genuinely free to enjoy the wonder of the life you have given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Private Confession

Words of Encouragement In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. Ephesians 1: 7-8

Announcements & Prayers of the People

Special Music

Scripture: Jonah 4 (Please see page 10 for printed scripture.)

Sermon: Disappointed With God

Song of Reflection

Man of Sorrows Man of Sorrows, Lamb of God, by His own betrayed The sin of man and wrath of God has been on Jesus laid Silent as He stood accused, beaten, mocked, and scorned

Bowing to the Father’s will, He took a crown of thorns

Chorus: Oh, that rugged cross, my salvation

Where Your love poured out over me Now my soul cries out, hallelujah Praise and honor unto Thee

Sent of heaven, God’s own Son to purchase and redeem And reconcile the very ones who nailed Him to that tree Chorus

See the stone is rolled away, behold the empty tomb

Hallelujah, God be praised, He’s risen from the grave! Chorus Benediction

Parting Song of Praise

Man of Sorrows (Chorus) Oh, that rugged cross, my salvation

Where Your love poured out over me

Now my soul cries out, hallelujah

Praise and honor unto Thee Tag: Praise and honor unto Thee WORSHIP MUSICIANS Jessi Adams - piano, vocals Praise songs are used by permission: CCLI #1526697 Hymns are reprinted from the Trinity Hymnal, Copyright 1990, Great Commission Publications. Used by permission.

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